Brand Story

Power of Reputation was founded in Sweden in 2009. Intended to be a demonstration of what a brand without money, knowledge or connections in the industry can amount to if managed creatively.

The idea is to let design speak and bank on reputation alone to move things forward. Looking to organically reach an audience the brand appeals to, rather than compromising the vision in favor of mass appeal. This allows Power of Reputation to maintain a creative point of view and be less sensitive to trends.

Power of Reputation is a fresh, colorful and heavily jazz influenced streetwear brand. Working to disprove the idea that using intense colors and bold patterns equates to pieces being perceived as tacky or cluttered. If these elements are balanced or supplemented properly, the pieces can turn out to be both striking and clean.

Inspired by jazz music and improvisation, Power of Reputation look to approach streetwear similarly. Through acknowledgement – believing in the importance of a solid foundation, respect for the craft and knowledge of ones predecessors. At the same time, what has always moved jazz forward is curiosity, invention and experimentation. As impressive as it may be, there’s nothing original about a carbon copy impersonator. Meanwhile, an ignorant creator trying to re-invent the foundation will only produce unrelatable noise.

The brand is concept driven and detail oriented and the passion for jazz bleeds into that. Jazz is often referenced in garment names, design elements and even some of the promotional material.