Portraits of John Coltrane by Oksana Slobodaniuk

Ukranian artist Oksana Slobodaniuk has created a series of digital paintings of John Coltrane wearing the classic Lazy Bird Track Top. The portraits are based on iconic photos from the Blue Train recording session in 1957 shot by Francis Wolff.

The Lazy Bird Track Top was originally released back in late 2011. It was the first fully customized design we produced, as we had previously only done printed blanks. It was also the first design that had a clearly communicated jazz connection and really set a precedent for how we would work with our concepts moving forward.

The garment was named after the song Lazy Bird from John Coltrane's Blue Train record. In celebration of his birthday we're releasing a picture series based on Francis Wolff's photographs from that recording session. We trusted digital artist Oksana Slobodaniuk to paint a few portraits of Coltrane dressed in the track jacket named after his song and she exceeded all our expectations. We're very excited to finally release this series and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Check out more of Oksana's amazing work on Behance and follow her on Instagram.