Blueberry Haze at the Sunrise Room

D Canal House is a tranquil boutique bed and breakfast in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Power of Reputation did a Blueberry Haze TTT photoshoot with the ornamental interior of the Sunrise Room as a backdrop.

The Sunrise Room is one of the three rooms on the top floor in the D Canal House main building. It has a full wall ornamental headboard separating living space and storage area. The bathroom has concrete finished interiors and modern details. A lot of the furniture and decor has kind of a grandiose and antique feel to it and the ornamental details can be found throughout.

The Blueberry Haze design is the third release in the oversized, boxy t-shirt fit TTT. Featuring the Script One logo in white on a vibrant allover print with splashes of purple, blue and green on a black canvas. The print is a processed and color adjusted version of an abstract watercolor painting made by artist Natallia Novik.

D Canal House sign

Sunrise Room headboard

Sunrise Room bathroom

Blueberry Haze TTT bathroom mirror

Blueberry Haze TTT hanging
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Blueberry Haze TTT close up

D Canal House staircase view
D Canal House staircase view
View from the Sunrise Room balcony
View from the Sunrise Room balcony

Sunrise Room view

Sunrise Room balcony view