The Rundown

Power of Reputation is an independent brand that's been around since 2009. It just happens to be underground af, that's why you never heard of it. Your favorite influencers don't post about it on their social media accounts, and you wanna know why? It's because they're a bad influence. Think about that.

Initially Power of Reputation was meant to be something like an experiment, trying to determine if you could run a successful fashion company without money, connections in the industry and know-how. Turns out you kind of can (using the term successful pretty loosely).

Most people wouldn't wear Power of Reputation because it's just too colorful and not boring. We think that's fine! But if you came here looking for some sick streetwear, we got you fam! Check out Goods TODAY!

Jazzy concepts

Power of Reputation is a concept driven brand. Most garment names have some kind of jazz connection. The new t-shirt model TTT is named after the song “Twelve Tone Tune” by Bill Evans. The TTT logo featured on the side label can be interpreted as three Ts or piano keys.

Some names also have references to iconic garments made by other brands. Bemsha Swingman is a reference to both the song “Bemsha Swing” by Thelonious Monk and the adidas Swingman jersey. The Bemsha Swingman logo is the silhouette of Miles Davis in the style of the NBA logo.